The Power of Strategy Factory and Strategy Selector in AI Meta Bots
4 min readJul 13, 2023

No market stays the same. Conditions change constantly. Today’s trend-following strategy will not work tomorrow. Luckily, technology is here to help in the form of Strategy Factory and Strategy Selector. These two vital components within our AI Meta Bots system work together harmoniously to optimize strategy variation and selection, ensuring adaptability to ever-changing market conditions.

Strategy Factory: Building a Versatile Arsenal of Trading Approaches

The Strategy Factory is the beating heart of our algorithmic trading systems, the Meta Bots. Its primary role is to create a diverse range of trading strategies for our Meta Bots to employ. By exploring different scenarios and responses in the market, these strategies make sure to have a solution in our arsenal for each market condition.

There are many possible scenarios Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other cryptoasset can behave. We also know that there is not a one size fit solution. The best approach in today’s challenging markets is to have a strategy against each possible scenario.

The Strategy Factory achieves strategy variation by generating an extensive set of strategies that cover various market conditions and trading styles. As the list of input strategies evolves through additions or modifications, the Strategy Factory dynamically adjusts and updates the variations, ensuring that the bots remain up-to-date and adaptable.

To maintain efficiency and accessibility, the generated strategy variations are stored in a comprehensive database. This database serves as a valuable resource for future reference and utilization, enabling us to continually enhance our Meta bots’ trading capabilities.

Strategy Selector: Finding the Optimal Trading Approach

While the Strategy Factory provides a rich assortment of strategies, the Strategy Selector takes on the crucial task of identifying the most suitable approach for a given market situation. By analyzing performance metrics and comparing them against benchmarks, the Strategy Selector helps determine which strategies are best suited for maximizing returns on a given day.

Let’s take a look at two examples to illustrate the power of the Strategy Selector:

Trend-Following Strategies on Ethereum (ETH):

In one scenario, the Strategy Selector applies trend-following strategies to ETH trading. The first screenshot displays the outcomes of this selection process, comparing the performance of these strategies against the underlying performance of ETH itself.

To provide context, it also includes benchmark measures such as the mean performance of all input strategies and the best performance among them. This comprehensive evaluation enables us to identify the strategies that outperform the market and achieve superior results.

Mean-Reversion Strategies on Hourly Bitcoin (BTC) Data:

In another example, the Strategy Selector focuses on mean-reversion strategies applied to hourly BTC data. The second screenshot showcases the performance of these strategies in comparison to the underlying performance of BTC.

By examining this data, we can gain insights into the effectiveness of mean-reversion strategies and their potential to generate profits in specific market conditions.

Adaptability and strategy selection are paramount to success.

The Strategy Factory and Strategy Selector work in tandem to ensure our AI Meta Bots are equipped with a versatile arsenal of strategies and can make informed decisions based on prevailing market dynamics.

The Strategy Factory generates a diverse range of trading approaches, while the Strategy Selector analyzes performance metrics to identify the optimal strategy for each situation.

Through these components, our AI Meta Bots gain a competitive edge by continuously adapting to market changes and executing trades with precision.

As technology advances and market dynamics evolve, the Strategy Factory and Strategy Selector will remain essential components in the realm of AI-driven algorithmic trading, empowering traders with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-changing financial landscape.


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