Summary For Tomorrow’s Token Sale: Everything You Need To Know

The BCUBE Token sale is finally opening its doors. It will start tomorrow at 15:30 CEST.

This period has been a lot of excitement for us and although we know it is difficult to find a solution that suits everyone who wants to participate, we were aiming to find a way that best serves the interests of the project and the community.

In this article, we summarize the important information one last time before launch.

When does the sale start?

The sale is divided into 2 parts, one private and one public. Of these, the private sale is open to customers and starts at 15:30 CEST. The private sale itself is again divided into 2 slots.

Customers who have subscribed to a b-cube service before April 10, 2021 can purchase from 15:30 to 15:45 at the starting price of $0.15. That is, the date of completion of KYC is irrelevant to them. If you became a customer on April 9, but completed KYC on May 7, you can also be among the first slot customers to go for BCUBE tokens.

The validated Metamask wallet numbers for the first slot were collected in this Whitelist

If you were a customer before April 10, you did KYC but still can’t find your wallet here, please let us know at

The next window from 15.45 to 16:00 is divided into 2 customer groups. On the one hand, customers who subscribed between April 10 and May 7 and those who, although not customers, but did KYC before April 12, can buy at this time.


The public sale will open from 16:00 at a price of $ 0.20 per token. This slot can be purchased by anyone who has done KYC regardless of whether they are a customer.


Important: inclusion on any list does not constitute a guaranteed allocation.

Tutorial video on how to purchase the tokens

Unfortunately, there has been a proliferation of scammers recently offering tokens on our behalf. Be very careful, our official ICO website is only available at this link. All other possibly similar-looking websites running under a different domain name are run by scammers.

In private sales, 1.330.000 tokens will be available, while in the public sale 4.750.000 BCUBE. During the private round, purchases with a minimum of $500 worth of ETH or USDT are possible with a maximum limit of $25 000. In the public round, the minimum and maximum limits are the same.

If the tokens are sold out during the private sale, the sale will automatically advance to the public round at the $0.20 price already mentioned. This does not mean, at the same time, that the reserved two 15-minute windows are closed. So it is conceivable that the tokens will run out in part or in full during the private round.

What is the plan after the sale?

The tokens are expected to be listed to Uniswap on the 30th May 2021 at 15:30 CEST. Thereafter, we will continue to work on further listing, including centralized exchanges.

If you can’t make a purchase at the current token sale, don’t despair. We still have 1 Million tokens set aside for auction but in case if we decide to go ahead with the auction then a partial or complete amount of 1 Million tokens will be sold on the platform at the same price of $0.20 per token with the same vesting rules as that of public sale.

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