Statistical Details Of The BCUBE Bots

To help you select a trading bot, we share various performance data on our website and on our Telegram Channel.

In the Statistics window, you can see the bot’s Best trade, Worst trade. These numbers refer to individual trades that happened once in the lifetime of the bot. The Average trade is calculated from all the individual trades.

You can also find here the Average monthly returns (AMR) and Overall performance (OP). When we calculate the AMR, we divide the OP by the number of months of the bot. The Overall performance is a sum of the individual trade returns.

The Historical Performance graph visually shows the bot’s trades so far. You can switch between timeframes. By default, it is calculated with 100% Equity, which you can change by clicking on the little arrow.

If you scroll down, you will find our Sheet of past trades. Here we share every past trade our bot has ever made.

If you want to estimate roughly how often our bot trades, we recommend looking at the “Date opened” dates. We share each trade start time exactly. You can see in the table how much time has elapsed between the trades.

If you are interested in information such as Drawdown or Sortino Ratio, enter our Telegram. We regularly share sheets and detailed information about our bots’ performance.


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