Next-Generation AI/ML Bots and Staking Program Are Finally Launched


You and we alike have been waiting for this day for a long time. Today we can finally officially announce: the new BCUBE Bots and the Staking Program have been launched, with which you can use them for FREE.

In this article, we summarize the important changes, new products and show you where to find educational materials that help with integration and staking processes.

Thank you for your patience and support.

What’s new?

From now, you can:

• Use our Trading Bots for free if you Stake BCUBE tokens

You no longer have to pay monthly fees for our bots if you don’t want to. Staking is now available on the platform, during which you lock your BCUBE tokens on our website and in return, we provide free access. How many bots you can use for free is determined by the number of Tokens Staked. The more tokens you stake, the higher your Tier will be. The number of tokens required for Tier is recalculated monthly.

Current Staking Tiers in Dollars and BCUBE:

Tier 1 = $1,000

Tier 2 = $5,000

Tier 3 = $10,000

Tier 4 = $25,000

Tier 5 = $50,000

Tier 1 = 3500 BCUBE Tokens

Tier 2 = 17500 BCUBE Tokens

Tier 3 = 35000 BCUBE Tokens

Tier 4 = 87500 BCUBE Tokens

Tier 5 = 175000 BCUBE Tokens

Important! With Staking, your previous subscription will not be automatically terminated, but you will first have to unsubscribe manually on the website.

If the minimum amount for each Staking Tier is higher than the number of Staked you need more BCUBE tokens or your subscription will be terminated.

After you are unsubscribed or your subscription is terminated, open positions may remain on the accounts, which the bot cannot handle anymore even if you re-subscribe, so always check the open positions on the accounts in case of unsubscribing.

At the end of the article, you will find the guide to Staking.

• Make payments in BCUBE tokens

In addition to Staking and Fiat cash payments, they were now able to pay with BCUBE tokens. To do this, you need to connect the Metamask wallets to our website and then select the Subscribe & pay in BCUBE option.

• Track your Subscribed Bots, Portfolio Allocation, Staking Status on a new Dashboard

On the left side of the new website, you will find the “Dashboard” menu item. Here you can also track the Subscribed Bots, the Portfolio Allocation and Staking Status in one place.

• Subscribe to any of our Next-Generation AI/ML Bots

And of course, perhaps the most anticipated innovation is the release of new bots. These products were previously arranged only under “Coming soon” and were only available as signals. Now, they are in a fully automatic version.

Almost all bots operate on a USDT basis on the Binance Futures exchange. The much-loved Altcoin Bot remains so far in its form in the Binance Spot market. Including the Altcoin Bot, new Bots cost between €99 and €249. We are working on another exchange integration which is coming soon.

Visit our renewed website!


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Happy trading!

The BCUBE Team

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