How to connect your Binance account using API keys

Before you start, please check if you have completed the Binance KYC. Click the “Identification” button.

Make sure your Personal Verification level is at Intermediate.

Without this, you won’t be able to use Binance.

After your Verification is complete, you can start creating your API keys.

Click “API Management” under your profile.

Inside API Management, you can create your first API. Label the API key to proceed with a name that you like. In this example, I use “Tutorial”. Click “Create API” and enter the codes you receive in email and in SMS.

Once your API is ready, you need to click “Edit restrictions” to configure the key.

This is where you can give permission to the B-cube bots to trade on your account. By default, only Reading is enabled.

To use our Binance Spot bots, such as our Altcoin Bot, you need to Enable Spot & Margin Trading.

To use our Binance Futures bots, such as our XRP and BNB bots, you need to Enable Futures.

You also need to copy the API Key and the Secret Key. After you click Save, the Secret Key won’t be visible again, therefore you need to make a copy now in order to paste them to B-cube.

Then click “Save” in the top right corner.

Now let’s go back to the B-cube platform!

Select the bot you want to use and click the “Connect to exchange” button.

In the next window, you need to paste the API Key and Secret Key that you copied from Binance.

Click “Test connection” and “Save”.

Congratulations! Your Binance account is now connected to B-cube. The only thing left is to create a subscription and your bot is ready to work.

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