How to buy BCUBE on Uniswap
5 min readJun 2, 2021

First, you’ll need to create a wallet out of one of the ones listed below and top it up with ETH.

We recommend MetaMask or Trust wallet.

👉Safepal wallet

Install the extension of your chosen wallet, and proceed to top up with ETH using any normal exchange.

How to buy BCUBE after loading ETH to your Metamask wallet

Before purchasing, you should first add the BCUBE token to your MetaMask wallet. To do this, open MetaMask and select “Add Token”.

After clicking “Add Token” you must select “Custom Token” and enter the token contract address for BCUBE which is “0x93c9175e26f57d2888c7df8b470c9eea5c0b0a93”.

In the token symbol section type in “BCUBE”. As you can see it is stating that I have already added this token, but you will need to select “Next” to add the token for yourself. After adding the token you can proceed to the purchasing steps below.

The first step to purchasing BCUBEs on Uniswap is to load ETH into your Metamask wallet. Once this is complete head over to Uniswap V2.

In the first box you will want to make sure it says “ETH” as this is the currency that you must use to purchase BCUBE with. In the second box you will need to type in “BCUBE”.

Enter the amount of BCUBEs that you want to buy. In this example, I have chosen to buy 100 BCUBEs for a price of .01836 ETH.

Set the slippage to 0.5 (that means 0.5%). Then click “Swap” to begin the exchange of ETH for BCUBE.

At this point you will want to verify that all the information is correct. Once this has been verified you may select “confirm swap”.

A MetaMask pop-up window will appear which outlines the transaction cost and gas fees. At this point, you will have the ability to edit your gas usage by either slowing down the transaction or speeding it up. Details about modifying gas fees will be outlined below. Once again, verify that all the details are correct, and after you have reviewed them select “confirm” to finalize the transaction. You are finished and your transaction will be processed shortly.

Modifying Gas Usage: The guide below will explain how to modify gas usage. Modifying gas usage can be useful when you want an order to execute immediately. In order to increase the transaction speed, you will need to increase your gas usage. Be aware that increasing gas usage will increase gas fees. You also have the ability to slow down the transaction speed by decreasing gas usage. This will lower the gas fees. Lowering the gas usage isn’t recommended because the price may change drastically while you are waiting for your transaction to be processed. If the price change is outside the set slippage (0.5%) then your transaction will fail and your gas will be lost.

We recommend that you use the “TRADER” gas usage which below states a gas price of 21.3 Gwei. This gas price will change depending on the Ethereum network demand so always reference when modifying gas prices.

As stated above, when this tutorial was made the gas price needed to have one’s transaction processed in the trader status was 21.3. Return to the Uniswap, open your MetaMask wallet, and click on “Edit”.

The following window will appear. You must now click on the advanced tab

Now you have the ability to modify your gas price (Gwei). This is where you would input the current gas price for the trader status.

As stated before, when this tutorial was made the gas price for traders was 21.3. Gas prices always change so reference to check the current gas prices. After inputting your gas price, select “Save”.

You have now officially modified your gas prices. You will notice that the gas fee and total cost have changed depending on the amount of gas you entered. The last step is to finalize the transaction. Click “Confirm” and you are finished. Your transaction will be processed shortly.

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