Happy New Year From BCUBE, What You Need To Know In 2022

4 min readJan 2, 2022


We are really happy and grateful to you for staying with us in 2021. This year was an important milestone for BCUBE and we could not have achieved so much without the loving support and cooperation of our great community, the BCUBEIANS.

We introduced the Staking Tiers on the 13th of September this year. As we shared with you on our Official Announcement Channel in January, there will be some changes in the benefits you can get for staking $BCUBE on our platform. This article summarizes what you need to know ahead of the next year.

A. Tokens needed for different tiers:

Tier 1: 3500

Tier 2: 17500

Tier 3: 35000

Tier 4: 87500

Tier 5: 175000

The number of $BCUBEs required to get into each tier will not change as of now. The same amount will be needed as it was in September 2021. However, the amount will be determined otherwise if we see significant changes in the token’s price. This decision will be made on the last week of every month. Sudden market movements during the month will not cause changes in the required tokens.

B. New Limits & benefits according to each tier:

Our newest features, the Technical-Analysis Screener and our completely in-house-built Sentiment Analysis Indicator will be available for certain tiers. Also, instead of the global limit of 50.000 USDT per bot, different staking tiers will have their individual limit.

Tier 1: 5000 USDT (No Access to Sentiment & TA Screener)

Tier 2: 25000 USDT (Access to Sentiment & TA Screener)

Tier 3: 50.000 USDT (Access to Sentiment & TA Screener)

Tier 4: 125.000 USDT (Access to Sentiment & TA Screener)

Tier 5: 250.000 USDT (Access to Sentiment & TA Screener)

C. Payment in FIAT:

Those, who do not stake $BCUBE tokens but pay in fiat or BCUBE tokens, therefore they are not in any of the tiers, will have a default limit of 25.000 USDT on all the bots that trade on the Futures market. Our Bulls & Bears Altcoin Bot will have a limit of 2 BTC like it was before.

D. Cost of Sentiment Analysis Indicators + TA Screener if not staking $BCUBE:

The TA Screener and SAI will come together as one product and it will cost 49 Euros a month.

Sentiment Analysis raw data will be sold only for institutions or funds at a different price but the above price is only for ready-made graphs which show you the sentiment score & emotion-based sentiments.

E. Number of Free Bots for staking clients according to their tiers:

The number of free bots will also change in 2022.

Tier 1: One

Tier 2. Two

Tier 3: Three

Tier 4: Five

Tier 5: Seven

As you can see, Tier 1–3 stay the same but Tier 4 and 5 got 3 additional bots together.

F. VC Investments allocations based on the tiers:

In 2022, BCUBE Ventures, the VC-Arm of B-cube.ai will also make it possible to take advantage of the most promising starting projects’ Seed and Private rounds. Depending on your Staking Tier, there will be different amounts of tokens sold to the participants.

Tier 1: 5% (Lottery)

Tier 2. 10% (Lottery/Guaranteed allocation)

Tier 3: 15% (Guaranteed allocation)

Tier 4: 30% (Guaranteed allocation)

Tier 5: 40% (Guaranteed allocation)

The total allocation BCUBE will get and the money, the community will be ready to invest will be different in each case of course. Here is an example of a 100.000 USDT worth of allocation in a theoretical token sale. According to this, the tiers would get the following amounts open for investment:

Tier 5: 40k USDT

Tier 4: 30k USDT

Tier 3: 15k USDT

Tier 2: 10k USDT

Tier 1: 5k USDT

Our goal is to make an allocation of a minimum of 100 USDT for each wallet. In the case of Tier 1, where it is only possible to invest through a lottery, if the amount is 5000 USDT, it will be split between 50 people maximum, so everyone can get at least 100 USDT here.

In the case of Tier 5, where 40.000 USDT is available, the amount will be divided between all the members of Tier 5 who want to participate. The same logic for other tiers also except the above-mentioned exception. If some project doesn’t get fully subscribed then either we will share it with others who are ready to invest in it or make a lottery sale or just take it for BCUBE as an investment.

Employees of BCUBE & BCUBE Angels will have Guaranteed allocation.

G. BCUBE investments in the VC rounds:

BCUBE may or may not invest in every round as it depends on the allocation that we get in each project. Ideally, 100k USDT will be enough for the community. In this case, we will not participate. For certain opportunities, we will invest our trading profits or other sources of income.

Once again, we would like to wish you a New Year with wealth, health, and happiness!


The BCUBE Team



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