B-cube.ai Will Launch Its Private Sale On The 25th Of March

After months of waiting, b-cube.ai is glad to announce its whitelisting has started on the 27th of February and the Private Sale of its native BCUBE token will start on the 25th of March. With its Whitepaper and ICO Website ready, the subsequent Token buyers can now start whitelisting themselves completing the KYC process.

Token sale details:

  • Dates:

Private Sale: 25th March 2021

Pre ICO, ICO: Q2 2021

Creation of Liquidity Pool on Uniswap after 27th June 2021

  • BCUBE token price: $0.04
  • Max supply: 50 million BCUBE
  • Minimum contribution:

Private Sale round #1: $1000

Private Sale round #2: $500

Private Sale round #3: $250

Private Sale round #4: $100

For more information, and to read the BCUBE white paper, please visit:


B-cube.ai, The Ultimate All-In-One AI-driven Platform For Crypto Traders

B-cube.ai was created from the meeting of two fast-growing industries to reshape the world of cryptocurrency trading.

On the one hand, Artificial Intelligence takes control of more and more moments of our lives before our eyes and on the other hand, we can see the investment decisions totally being driven by algorithms and quant models at sophisticated banks and hedge funds.

The b-cube.ai team developed automated crypto trading bots that execute the trading signals of its AI/ML Engine in real-time in order to provide its clients with advanced trading technology, only institutions had access to.

The solution has been created with the goal in mind to give a tool to those retail traders who don’t have time to spend it in front of the monitor analyzing charts and learning trading but still want to have good returns on their portfolio. Since these traders are the large majority of the crypto scene, there were many who have already jumped on the B-cube train and became the happy and satisfied family of Bcubians.

“It is not fair that so fair only the large capital had access to professional trading technologies, we work to make them available to retailers with a few clicks. ” Guruprasad Venkatesha — CEO of b-cube.ai

A Team With Institutional Experience

B-cube.ai was founded by professionals from both the institutional side of investing, managing millions of dollars, and experts of big data and machine learning designing platforms and architecture for banks for the last 15 years.

  • Guruprasad Venkatesha, CEO of b-cube.ai founded his first fund managing company at the age of 16. Later he worked for Morgan Stanley as its investment analyst spending 15 years in traditional asset management before coming to the world of cryptocurrencies.
  • Erwan Rouzel, CTO of b-cube.ai is an experienced engineer and an expert of Big Data architecture. He spent a couple of his 15 years of experience at Credit Agricole, the largest cooperative financial institution in the world.

The company and its team have developed its trading strategies in cooperation with University Paris-Saclay, the number one university of mathematics according to the Shanghai 2020 ranking.

Whitelisting Has Started

To participate in the Token Sale, participants first need to provide a few information and documents about themselves to be fully compliant with the KYC/AML regulations.

On the ICO Website first, you need to go to the dashboard.

Then start the process by connecting or first installing a MetaMask wallet.

Once MetaMask is installed, you need to start the KYC process which includes giving personal information like name, address, date of birth, and submitting a screenshot about an identification document such as Passport, ID, Driving License, or Residence Permit. For more information on how your data is handled, please read the b-cube.ai Privacy Policy.

When all of the processes are done, we need to see this screen:

With this, the Whitelisting is complete. Stay tuned for the start of Private Sale round #1 on the 25th of March.













E-mail: contact@b-cube.ai


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