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The French-Hungarian fintech company became the first to sell out the first round of their private sale in just 8 second, the second round in 2 minutes, and the 3rd round in 8 minutes.


Despite the speed of the sale, the truth is that buyers have only come from a very exclusive circle. Only those who had ever bought from the company’s products by March 5 could buy on March 16. This also means that the company has spent absolutely $0 on marketing while giving away 0% of its equity. is a marketplace for artificial intelligence-based trading bots. All of their products to date operate in a non-custodial model, allowing the customer to keep their Bitcoins / USDTs on the exchange itself and not have to withdraw it to anyone.

The in-house built AI/ML Strategy Engine uses Sentiment Analysis and Quantitative Models, leveraging the vast amount of data that are collected in the Big Data storage.

The signals which are generated by the Strategy Engine are being traded in real time on the market by the Execution Engine.

The goal of the company is to provide retail traders with technology, only large institutions had before. The’s main products are AI-driven crypto trading bots for CEXs. Many more innovations are under development. On March 16 the firm raised $431.000 in its Private Sale of their native ERC20 utility token BCUBE.

Guruprasad Venkatesha, CEO commented:

“A year ago, we were rejected by 10 VCs, countless angel investors who did not believe in us but we did not give up. We worked hard, continuously improved our product, concentrated on getting more clients. Today we have reached breakeven with a strong community on almost every single social media platform.”

The company’s products have a 90% customer retention rate coupled with a strong, cohesive community.

BCUBE ICO Telegram

The Ultimate All-in-One AI-driven Platform For Crypto Traders

Cryptocurrencies are gaining more acceptance all around the world. It makes sense to build a platform that brings all the smart-trader toolkit into one place.

DEX Smart Trading, AI Trading Algos, Build your own AI model and the existing historical results all contribute to retailers being able to be large.

2021: Token Fueled Ecosystem

The maximum supply of BCUBE Tokens is 50.000.000 without minting functionality. Thereby, it is not possible to inflate the price of the tokens after the listing.

Staking rewards to encourage holding

For a project with working products & revenues, the token is going to be the new currency accepted as payment. Fixed supply, burning programs and staking programs to encourage participants for holding.

Perhaps the biggest USP is the token staking program. Currently, the bots can be used for a monthly subscription fee. In contrast, those who buy at least 25,000 BCUBE tokens (about $ 1,000) and keep them on the platform already get a bot for free. If more tokens are staked, the customer will receive additional free products and discounts.

More announcements yet to come on the company’s ICO website.


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Marketplace of AI-driven crypto trading bots which allows traders connecting to their favorite exchanges and start trading on auto-pilot.