A BCUBE Success Story — Gabriel

Welcome to the first part of the BCUBE success story series. In the series, you can read case studies that we do with BCUBE’s clients and in which they tell about their experiences so far with our services.

Our first guest is already a true veteran BCUBIAN and we are absolutely sure that you can learn a lot from the conversation with him.

Hi Imre, thank you for the invitation! I’m 32 years old, currently working as a customer care manager for a company in Las Vegas. I started trading Forex when I was 16, but I got margin called many times because I was young and dumb. I learned a lot but my nerves went broke, so I had to take a break for a few years. I’m in crypto since 2015.

I found BCUBE by searching in Google for crypto bots back in 2020, but of course, I was very skeptical, because you know there are a lot of SCAMs out there, especially when it comes to crypto. So, I didn’t even finish the free registration on the website. Then a few months later I joined the Telegram group, where Guru was sharing daily crypto trading signals for free, aka “BigBalls” trades! :D The name came from the fact that you need big balls to become successful on the crypto market, and it became a meme in the BCUBE family very fast. These signals were very profitable, so I was started to think maybe it is time to switch from “free cola” to “paid cola”, that’s how we called these free signals by the time! :)

Well, after I made decent money by trading Guru’s free crypto signals, I decided to take a closer look at the performance of their most popular trading bot called “Altbot”. So, I finally finished my free registration on the website to be able to check the performance of their AI trading bots. I was so skeptical that I used fake information at registration, even my phone number was a public “burner” number and I created a new encrypted email account just for this purpose. So, all in all, the results looked too good to be true and I was afraid to give out my personal information. Of course, my opinion has been changed to the opposite based on my experience with the BCUBE Team! :) I’ve also met with Guru, Imre and Fruzsi (one of their BCUBE Angel helpers) in person in Budapest in May on our first “official” B-CUBE meeting, and they were amazing guys (and a gal :D).

Well, I started using the Altbot in the middle of the Bull market, so obviously, it was perfect timing, however the market is very choppy since May 19, when BTC did a freefall, so it is very hard to trade now. It is a good idea to use a bot for trading in such uncertain times, because they can trade without emotions and they do not require human intervention at all. Setting up the bot was just 3 easy steps. First, you have to log in to your exchange account (in my case it was Binance), secondly you have to create an API for the trading bot, and finally, you have to connect the bot by using that API. So, it is very simple indeed! I would like to share my personal results instead of estimating or guessing: since February 2nd, 2021 my total profit in Bitcoin as of June 3rd, 2021 is 46.61%, so I am really satisfied with the results of Altbot.

Every time we have to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions, and that’s what B-Cube bots do exactly. So, I advise every newcomer to start using the Altbot, you will be amazed! Also, the Team is planning to launch new, next-generation Futures trading bots in August, and the results are already available on the website and I can tell you they are INCREDIBLE! I can’t wait to use them live! But do not take my word for it, register for free on their website and see by yourself! My plan is to keep using the Altbot along with the new Futures bots. They will make a perfect team and this way you could make good profits on both your BTC and stable coins.

Thank you, Imre it was my pleasure! Looking forward to our next B-CUBE meeting! ;)



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