100% Of Payments In BCUBE Will Be Burned Until September 2022

BCUBE tokens will now be accepted as a payment option for our products and services. From 15th September 2021, you will be able to pay for Bots on our platform with BCUBE. Fiat cash payments will not disappear either, but we will immediately convert 25% of revenues in Fiat currency to BCUBE tokens & burn it on a monthly basis.

Payment for our products paid directly in BCUBE tokens will be burned 100% until September 15, 2022.

That is, the payments received during this time are not retained by the company, but the tokens are burned in their entirety, thereby withdrawing them forever from circulation.

Right now, the total supply is 50.000.000 BCUBE tokens. As we noted in our Whitepaper, our goal is to burn 50% of the total supply until 2024.

As of today, we are manually accepting the payments in BCUBE token if someone would like to pay for purchasing our existing bots on a pilot basis. If you wish to pay for our services using BCUBE tokens send us an email to contact@b-cube.ai.

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